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RRSYS = Real Roulette System – Professional Roulette Conjecture

RRSYS = &quotRealRoulette&quot System (pronounced &quotAresys&quot) – the title I’ve given my betting technique.

I’ve opened up up this YouTube account (RealRoulette) particularly to show that the Roulette wheel could be truly beaten, within an actual real live game along with other gamers – instead of videos which i’ve seen online of somebody spinning their very own roulette wheel and predicting their own spins using a pcOrcell phone, individuals such videos appear good nonetheless they happened inside a controlled atmosphere, unlike my video of live play.

I’m in the United kingdom and I’ve been likely to casinos since 2008 and because of problems in your own home I discovered myself in casinos most days for hrs, losing money, however each one of these hrs appear to possess compensated off, when i found develop my very own betting technique which could give great winning returns!

This video is submitted in one live casino operator from London United kingdom, that is pointed out within the video audio, anybody observed a big change here lately?

I strongly believe the modification was because of my constant large wager wins inside a couple of hrs on Sitting 24/09/2011 from 17:18. During the time of writing 03/10/2011 this internet casino has decreased its maximum upright number bets. It simply appears very strange they’ve decreased it as being I had been obtaining the greatest wins they’d seen, therefore it has most likely introduced it towards the casinos attention and because of this they’ve reduced the utmost bets limits. However you may still wager 150 upright and surround it with 4 corners, 4 splits along with a street (£150 each, £1500 total wager, return £23400)

My method has labored in every bricks and mortar traditional casino I’ve visited… Absolutely not each and every spin means victory, but when things start moving in winning streaks it may be very effective.

Mint Casino @ L1 2SF.
Circus Casino @ L1 1RH.
Mint Casino @ CH41 2QQ.

G Casino @ FY4 1BB.
Circus Casino @ FY2 9QG.

Manchester235 @ M3 4LP.
Grosvenor Casino @ M3 4JU.
Grosvenor Casino @ M1 6EZ.
Grosvenor Casino @ M1 4HQ.
Circus Casino @ M1 4RL.

It’s also labored using these Live Internet Casinos with certain restrictions…

Wise Live Casino / Guruplay
Lucky Live Casino
William Hill Live Casino Salle Privée Table

Because the title RRSYS indicates it is just for any real roulette game, with real ball and real dealer – It’s Not Meant For ANIMATED Video Games or FOBT versions present in local traditional betting shops (sportsbook) William Hill / Ladbrokes / Betfred RNG Bonus Roulette PinBall etc.

Here’ give a montage of clips, which show the greatest wins I acquired on Saturday the 24th of September 2011. The Table Max limit over the table was £1500 in almost any single spin using my female friends account (at that time) Kate / Katebet.

I attempt to help individuals in casinos or internet casinos with my RRSYS technique in exchange for the gratitude. Any donations sent are gratefully recognized to Neteller via system@rrsys.info

I’m able to do live demos, to anybody wondering.

I’d like RRSYS to become recognized betting system and also to be as common as the Martingale strategy.

Spins proven within this video are:

01. 191663 (£8700)
02. 191664 (£9000)
03. 191656 (£16200)
04. 191667 (£4050)
05. # N/A # (£5400)
06. 191879 (£10800)
07. # N/A # (£10800)
08. 192103 (£9000)
09. # N/A # (£17100)
10. 192115 (£23400)
11. 192118 (£6300)

This assortment of videos, was taken of my cell phone at that time (x10 small professional).

Their list of 11 spins you can observe the overall game number / spin number in the above list, this is proof the videos aren’t from various periods for example days or days ago as many people have assumed these videos are only a couple of random wins.

Your camera tracks unknown in my experience at that time taken the spin/game amounts when i have place the camera close to the screen to concentrate well and just after uploading this did i recognize by temporarily halting the recording and being attentive to the overall game amounts to input above for you personally individuals to observe that the wins are within 191656 and 192118 and i don’t always play each and every spin.

Because of recording them off my cell phones camera, they whereby file title order after i moved these to my computer with intention to mix all of the clips to create this single presentation, except for spin # 3 that we clearly now realize is number 191656 which should have been my error in organizing them in to the video editor.

# N/A # only denotes I haven’t had the opportunity to pause the recording or discover the spin result for bad placing from the camera and never keeping an archive during the time of the spin number – as at that time I wasn’t uploading this single video at that time to prove non followers, i only notice non followers after a lot of people wound up viewing my video and mailbox or leaving comments negative reactions.

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One of the most popular land and online casinos, dice games is one of those games surrounded by mystery. Now you do not have to worry about lifting the veil of secrecy, because we have exposed bare the game for everyone who wants to see our guide of the best techniques and strategies to play craps.

FAQ about blackjack

In this article you will find a selection of frequently asked questions that blackjack players are made for this game. These questions are as good for blackjack in land-based casinos to online casinos.

Where the position called “third base” in a game table is located and what are its benefits?

“Third base” indicates the seat to the left of the dealer. This is the last player to make a decision in one hand during a game at a land casino. This site can be a real advantage when letters are counted. In fact, the player sitting in this place has more time to count the cards dealt by the dealer to the different players. This position is a great advantage for experienced players.

What does it mean when the dealer “draws out”?

“Draw out” means handing in blackjack parlance means taking another card. When the dealer draws out means that dealt one card, either for himself or for another player who has made “partition”.

Why the dealer asks if I want safe when I have a blackjack and gives me an Ace?

The dealer asks if you want insurance to protect their own blackjack. If you do not take insurance and the dealer also draws a blackjack, you will receive nothing despite his winning hand. Make sure when and only when you have a blackjack. You win the amount of your original bet.

What is the real purpose of the letter of court?

The letter indicates the dealer cut when to change cards. The location of the card in the deck is known as the penetration rate. Two. The first is normally set at 50%, when the cutting unit is placed in the middle of the brand in the “shoe”, and the second at 75%, when the card is placed in the ¾ mark the “shoe” .

If you play online blackjack and live dealer makes a mistake, what should I do?

Whenever possible, you should try to take a screenshot before the next hand is dealt. Then you should contact the customer service of online casino and explain the problem, presenting the screenshot as proof. If the casino accepts that there has been an error, we will compensate accordingly.

Is it possible to see the dealer’s hole card when playing blackjack?

In a standard game of online blackjack it is not possible to see the dealer’s hole card for a virtual game. However, if you play one of the many variants of blackjack, there is a possibility that you can see the dealer’s card if that is one of the elements in that version.

How to cope with bad players at the table?

When you play blackjack in a real casino, the possibility of avoiding bad players at your table is not great. If you are at a table with one of these players, it’s best to simply change tables. In fact, most casinos have several blackjack tables. So do not waste time on a table where its concentration could be affected by the behavior of other players.

Can I get my cards on a blackjack table?

When double deck is used, the player has the opportunity to play their cards, but if the game uses multiple decks of cards, this is not possible. One of the main reasons is that the casinos do not allow players to touch the cards to avoid being tagged.

¿Taxes paid on the profits of a blackjack table?

Actually you are responsible for the profits generated by playing blackjack, so you must pay taxes on the money you earn. Similarly however, you can also deduct your losses. If you do not earn much on a blackjack table, the casino probably will not worry about it. Are you allowed me to use my mobile phone in the blackjack table?The use of mobile phones is not allowed in the casinos for the simple reason that you should not have contact off the table. An accomplice may well be hidden behind the dealer and reveal the cards they have for you.We hope that this FAQ will have provided the answers you was looking for. To help you expand your knowledge of the game even more, then there are some items that are sure you will find extremely useful.

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