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In late summer a great success of the surprise spread along the gambling forums – several dozens of new casinos with Microgaming software suddenly appeared. This software is one of the most expensive (with Cryptologic) is used by about 80 casinos, and the new are not usually more than once in the room. That’s why the players by surprise “is a natural product …

All this showed that the white mark Casino Action (relatively new casinos with Microgaming software). So what is white label? white label is a kind of small branch of a casino, which can develop in their own name.

The system is as follows: software company, RTG, Microgaming and Casino Resort on the type of fluid from the company that makes software for casinos and selling to customers, is at the top. software provider is generally similar to that of the whole game is about the same, the CPU is often the financial policy. Here it seems that the issue of competition concerns not only the casinos of other producers (in this case, differences and therefore the structure of competition), but also the casino, the same producer, where there are many ways that reported. Methods of attracting customers are varied: they promote themselves online and offline organizing great things, almost all application programs of the association. Some of the casinos for a contract with a software vendor and get permission from the protected software. These programs are open to casino white label, where each person can have “their” casino. The general trend is – a partner pays a relatively small (a few thousands, with up to tens of thousands of dollars) and this money will come from a standard site, download the software for “the client, where the name and logo chosen by the couple, not the parent of a casino dealer. The financial transactions are carried out by the casino cashier parents provide support services in the same way. Customize and design, customer service, DVD The fight against fraud web design and maintenance as well as domestic marketing. White Label casino software producers provide less expensive sites of all services to run and play or go out with the owner to focus on affiliate marketing . The online bingo players, sports, poker room or casino to enjoy all the benefits of marketing online bingo and casino sites without having to run the business, technical licensing, and the initial installation moves Infrastructure . The customize the operation of the casino after a member contributes about 50% of the profits of the casino’s parent.

A question arises: If this system is practical and cost effective? Interestingly, a provider of software, such as selling the right to create a white label service and custom casino, increasing the popularity of the software (although the increased risk of adverse reactions in case of problems), the author of Copyright has increased (the software vendor has an interest in the outcome for the casino). Parents to organize a program casino white label can also benefit. Although the right to create white label casino costs money, the substantial part of it is back with a down payment on the couple, then the opening of the casino starts to make a profit without marketing costs (cost of support and development services remain, but much less than 50% of profits).

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An ancient game that still retains its personality in the modern world, Keno is a lottery game within a national or state lottery. Although largely depends on luck, keno strategies can be formulated when the game is analyzed in more mathematical detail. We do it in our guide rules and strategies dedicated to Keno.
Blackjack strategy: see, double, leave
There are three recurring actions in Blackjack: see a complete form other hand, doubling the value of the hand through the distribution of a new card, or leaves to reduce losses.


Things to see and understand that the player has two cards of the same value and you want to separate to form two specific hands. The player then makes an additional bet and the dealer dealt a new card, you can put on the hand he wants. This technique is interesting when the player has a hand composite output only in pairs. When couples separate, you can create an additional hand and increase your chances of winning. This procedure can show effective if couples 6, 7 or 8. In this way, if you have a pair of 9 or 10, avoid tempting fate. See a pair of aces is also an interesting process.


“Fold” means that the player proceeds to buy a new card. You’ll need to make an additional bet. If the player has a hand with 3 and 7, carrying a total of 10 points. By betting an additional amount, the player shows the dealer who intends to “double”. If the card dealt is found to be a lady, the player will thereafter 20 points, which is a good move. However, note that this procedure is interesting when the player totals 10 and even 11 points as the dealer’s visible card is weak (less than 6).


“Leave” means the player makes the decision to lose half their initial bet and not to see the dealer’s hole card. If the player takes a hand whose value is 15 points and the dealer has a jack (hidden letter has not yet been disclosed), the player stands to lose but your hand is strong enough. It is better in this case leave. Thus limiting their losses by accepting leave half of the amount wagered on the bench. “Quit” is effective when the player already has a hand whose value is quite strong: it is the right solution for you to preserve something even a little of your budget.

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