Paf Casino Haunted Halloween Tournament

Play with Haunted Halloween Tournament at Paf Casino

The second day of our Haunted Halloween offers free tournaments (freerolls) in Spade Poker all day – just look for “Haunted Halloween” satellites in the Spade Poker client. There are also Brand new prizes in the Haunted Halloween final table, including a LG 42″ LN5400 Led TV.

29 October Haunted Poker Tournament

Free Haunted Halloween satellite tournaments every 30 minutes between 00:00-19:00 CET in Spade Poker. The top 10 players in each tournament will receive a poker ticket for the Haunted Halloween final table played at 21:00 CET on 29 Oct.

All you need to do is finish in the top 10 in one of the Haunted Halloween freeroll tournaments and register for the final with the ticket you win. In the final you can win:

1st place: 42″ LG LN5400 LED TV
2nd place: Asus Nexus 7 Android Tablet
3rd – 5th place: iPod Shuffle 2GB
6th – 10th place: $ 33-poker tickets for tournaments

Terms & Conditions

Players who finish in the top 10 in more than one qualifier will only be able to use 1 ticket; the remaining tickets will be forfeited.
No tickets will be exchanged or compensated for if they are not used when and as intended.
Once qualified, it is the player’s sole responsibility to register for the final before it starts at 22:00 CET, otherwise the ticket will be forfeited.
Paf reserves the right to change or cancel this offer at any time

USA Players aren’t accepted

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The Roulette

Roulette is one of the most famous casino games

both in physical casinos and the Internet. Roulette is a game of chance in which each player, sitting around a table, bet on a number, color or parity of a number, which expected to go. In roulette you can make multiple bets, which makes this game is captivating.

History of Roulette

There are many speculations about the origin of roulette. Some think that appeared in Italy in the early seventeenth century, others suggest she was born in France. Some theorists believe the opposite, that the game originated in China, and from there he was taken to Europe by Dominican monks. What is certain is that it was a French scientist who designed the roulette that we know today, and that was presented in casinos worldwide. Made in 1720, this experimental machine was designed to determine if a ball could rotate horizontally along a smooth circular surface. This scientific observation subsequently became a method of play. At first, it was used by the British under the name of “roly-poly”. In early 1800, Parisian casinos began offering modern type games: roulette already part of them. Europeans who visited Louisiana during the same period introduced the wheel beyond US borders In 1842, roulette began to specialize through the intervention of the brothers Francois and Louis Blanc, who created the first single zero roulette. Roulette was very popular until the Second World War: the latter and were passionate about games such as craps and blackjack, roulette but could rival those less recent games. Today, roulette seems a little less attractive, but many fans still making this game his passion. You will notice that the systems single zero roulette were developed in France. However, the double zero is specific American roulette. The single zero roulette is, meanwhile, preferred by European players.

Different types of roulette

We must differentiate existing roulette, which are more numerous than we think. The so-called French or European roulette contains 37 numbers. There also, the English roulette, which is very similar to its French sister but which is played differently: in fact, a limited number of players required and these can bet on a specific color chips. American Roulette is the most important to distinguish because it is the most common: their cylinder numbers are distributed differently in the English and French roulette. It also includes an additional number called ‘double zero’. Finally, we end with the Mexican Roulette is similar to American roulette but includes another number: the “triple zero”.

Rules of Roulette

Before starting a game, players have to buy the sheets in the case of casinos, physical or online. The roulette rules are generally the same, whether you play virtual or real form. Veneers are tabs that correspond with a certain amount of money. Therefore, some chips have much more value than others. At the time of the game, each player must place your plate on one or more boxes on the table to bet on a number. If they win, the dealer, according to the same principle, they distribute their profits in the form of boards and chips. Also, keep in mind that the payout ratios, or the percentage of the profits delivered are the same for the French, English and American roulette. Therefore, it seems clear that Mexican roulette is the worst for the players. The dealer is, somehow, the referee of the game: its role is crucial, as is the spinning roulette. The latter is also the one responsible for collecting losing bets and is responsible for directing the different stages of the game. In addition to handling the ball and the roulette you have to announce the game stages as follows:
  • Place your bets
  • The bets are made
  • It does not go
  • Red 8, par and lack (eg winning combination)
Last, also noted that there are 37 boxes, but generally the casino distributes up to 35 times the bet to pay full. Therefore, up to you figure out the best strategy for roulette. What you do not like roulette?

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