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Free spins to extend their experience

Finally, the free spins make it possible to increase the duration of the games in question. When you run out of credits, you will end up frustrated because you have not had the opportunity to enjoy all the content that the machine can offer. With free spins bonuses this fear is gone forever. Your video game experience will not have none. If you want to extend your playing time or dig deeper into the story without breaking the bonds of this type will be ideal for you. Always remember to read the terms and conditions of the bonds, free rotation, some only give you access to credits if you make a minimum bet or if the roller rotates a number of times. The free spin bonus can be varied, so be sure how they differ.
Blackjack Myths and Legends
Blackjack is without doubt one of the most famous casino games of all time and this is reinforced by its repeated appearance in popular culture over the years. Countless books, magazines, television shows and movies have included blackjack as part of its history for good reason. Its popularity is due in part to the myths and legends that have surrounded this game since its inception, some contributing positively to the culture and gaming experience, but also others with a negative impact, especially when novice blackjack players take them for the bible of the game.We know that this issue will always be of interest to our readers, so here Games, we’ll take a look at the 4 most popular myths and legends surrounding the famous casino game of blackjack.

The position we sat can be an advantage

When we play blackjack, the dealer sat around one of the seven seats available. The most common myth is that for convenience, we sit at the head of the table. If this were true, then the casinos have invented a ruler to ensure that it was not possible to get advantage of this. The only way in which we were seated position can be of some benefit is when we use the technique of front loading (front loading) to try to see the dealer’s down card. Note that if it were possible to achieve this, you would be very lucky, because it is extremely rare that a dealer let us do this for his mistake.

It’s bad luck to use a new deck

Recently we heard a story in which a player complained to management’s because the dealer had used a completely new deck of cards during the game. The player directly attributed to this action, the responsibility for his winning streak ended abruptly results. It is a strange complaint can classify quietly as “S” irrational superstition. After some analysis, we found that it was not just an isolated case, but also one of the most common excuses you hear when a player starts losing.The method of martingale is 100% safeThe method of martingale is a betting system used by players of roulette and blackjack can be applied. It supposed to double the bet every time a hand is lost so that eventually when you win, you can recover the losses plus a small profit. The problem with this method is that it is very likely we will not see the same results consistently, so that the only long-term winner, is actually the casino itself.

Counting cards is illegal

Contrary to what is generally thought, counting cards is not really illegal, but casino operators do their best to stop and is explicitly prohibited by the casinos even though there is no law against it. One of the most effective systems to combat it has always been the not disprove the myth that it is illegal. Today, in casinos around the world, there are still individuals throwing to the wind alarms and trying to letters even if it is a prohibited activity and others who openly discussed the fact. Just remember that if you get caught counting cards, sure to prohibit the entrance to the casino for the rest of his life.