Arena Plus: Dillon Brooks' Defense

Relentless On-Ball Defense

Dillon Brooks brings his unique brand of tenacious defense to every game. Opponents find it difficult to create space against his suffocating on-ball pressure. Brooks commits to shadowing his matchup, preventing easy drives and disrupting passing lanes. His ability to stay low and move laterally allows him to contest shots effectively.

• Consistent defensive stance

• Quick lateral movements

• Disruptive hand activity

Perimeter Defense Statistics

Dillon Brooks excels in defending against three-point shooters. Over the past season, he has held his defensive assignments to a shooting percentage of under 34% from beyond the arc. His effort in closing out shooters combined with his length makes him a premier perimeter defender.

• Opponent three-point percentage: < 34%

• Contested shots per game: 5.2

Impactful Defensive Plays

Brooks consistently delivers impactful plays that shift the momentum of the game. His knack for timely steals and blocks energizes his team and demoralizes his opponents. Over the past season, he has averaged 1.2 steals and 0.7 blocks per game, showcasing his versatility as a defender.

• Average steals per game: 1.2

• Average blocks per game: 0.7

• Key defensive stops

Leadership on Defense

As a vocal leader, Dillon Brooks’ presence on the court keeps his team’s defensive effort cohesive. His communication skills help in organizing team defense, ensuring rotations are executed correctly. Teammates often look up to him for his relentless energy and strategic insights during critical moments.

• Vocal leadership on court

• Organizes team defense

• High energy and strategic insights

Mastery of Defensive Techniques

Brooks utilizes a variety of defensive techniques, such as crowding the dribbler, taking charges, and expertly navigating screens. His advanced footwork and hand-eye coordination allow him to anticipate his opponent’s moves and react swiftly. His commitment to improving his defensive arsenal each season is evident in his gameplay.

• Crowds dribblers effectively

• Takes charges

• Navigates screens

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